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Latrom Systems offers a comprehensive range of reliable products and services including Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management, Security Solutions, Mobile Asset Tracking, and Networking & ICT Solutions.

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Here are some frequently asked questions.

What services does Latrom Systems offer?

Latrom Systems offers reliable products and solutions in Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management, Security Solutions including CCTV and alarm systems, Mobile Asset Tracking, and Networking & ICT Solutions.

Does Latrom Systems have their own vehicle tracking and fleet management system?

Yes! Our tracking solutions range from basic to advanced. All our trackers have the following basic features: Location, over speed alert, battery alert, vibration alarm, mileage report, fuel calculation, trip start and stop, remote engine shutdown. Call, email or send us a WhatsApp to learn more.

What security system solutions are available?

We offer security systems for home and commercial use including: Alarm systems, CCTV and video surveillance systems, motion detection, and access points. Contact us for more security products and solutions.

Can I monitor my mobile equipment remotely?

Yes! Our mobile equipment surveillance solutions allow for remote monitoring of mobile devices used in mining, construction, and agriculture.

Does Latrom Systems offer fibre splicing?

Yes! Contact us to learn more.

Can I view footage of my vehicle in real-time while it is on a job miles away?

Yes. Our vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions include real-time remote monitoring. You can view footage from cameras installed on your vehicle even while it is on a job miles away! Get in touch to learn more.

Is there a monthly subscription for vehicle tracking?

Yes! Purchase a tracker for your vehicle or subscribe to any of our vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions. Contact us for more on our vehicle tracking subscriptions.

What is telemetry?

Telemetry is the process of recording and transmitting the readings of an instrument. Contact us to learn more about our video telematics solutions.

Do I need a technician to install a solar camera?

Latrom Systems offers a range of surveillance cameras, including wireless and solar cameras you can install yourself.

Where is Latrom Systems located?

Visit us at 2 Bates St, Milton Park, Harare, Zimbabwe.


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