Network and VOIP

Growth in the system integration (SI) services market is fueled by the need for seamless business processes across an organisation's complete value chain of customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. Latrom Systems enable clients to identify, develop, and implement the best-fit solutions which are equipped to meet their changing business requirements.

We are heading towards an ever more connected world, and business processes will change as technology becomes more stream-lined. We design and build robust network structures both voice and data, that will accomodate future technological advances

Software Solutions

At latrom, we have a highly committed software development team which focuses on developing Micro-ERP software solutions for Zimbabwean businesses.

Fleet Management

We have an expert team that specializes in fleet management and vehicle tracking. Our vehicle tracking division implements a robust range of asset management and monitoring systems using GPS satellite positioning, GSM cellular communication systems and other advanced communication and sensory technologies. We are also pleased to offer a new solution for all who are looking for Fleet Management solutions! A Mobile Digital Video Recording (MDVR) system. Install cameras on your vehicles and access the footage of inside your vehicle and outside your vehicle when you need it

Video Surveillance and Security Solutions

We offer CCTV system design, installation and maintenance. We have a wide range of CCTV systems and cameras ranging up to the latest products on the market. We specialize in offering both home and industrial security solutions. Following are some of them: